Heart messages from moms

Loving every book and getting to read as many because of this amazing concept of renting and returning books. My kids are enjoying it a lot and my 3-year-old has started to be ok with letting of the books in return of new ones; knowing that she can have her own books also! @thecandybunch

Dear Em Kaia, I want to thank you for this initiative. Your page is inspirational and so helpful for us as moms, especially in these difficult times. @magiefolie

Thank you Rita for being a wonderful person. I’m so glad that I met you and can’t wait to meet you once in person. You are doing a great job, you can’t imaging my kids’ happiness when they see the books @classykid.outlet1

Do you feel kids’ books became too expensive? Are you frustrated because you would like to buy more but can’t? do you want to have more options without paying full price? If you answered yes to all these questions, then this page will interest you. Book renting! Like the good old days @dr.gael

Today I just saw stories for LBP150000 and more; this is a great replacement! For all the parents that no longer can afford buying books for their children due to the economical crisis, this page is for a mama who is renting children’s books for a very affordable price. All books are in great condition @plateswithlove

We used the book and now we are potty trained. She was doing like the Princess character. I wasn’t expecting that it will be easy @cuddles.lb

Amazing page, amazing service and highly recommended @glamorousbyrana

What is great about this page is not only that it encourages mothers to rent books at a very low cost…it is managed by a great Lebanese mom! Please pass the message on! @mama.on.insta

Because of the situation in Lebanon, this mom is renting out books at very low prices. You can rent books from her or provide her with books. Reading books is super important, especially for kids. I’m really glad you’re doing this @riri_dada

This is a great idea to support @jc_basics

Due to the economical crisis, books became so expensive and lots of moms can’t afford anymore to buy new books, therefore this mom created this page where you can rent books at very affordable prices. Check it out @les_coquins

What a beautiful idea; please mama follow! @hautedegamme_junior

Follow this amazing concept page to rent books for your children in Lebanon @draidayounes

You can now rent a book and let your kid enjoy. A very nice idea and page created by a mom. @cremedelacremelb

Books are becoming expensive including the one for kids. This mom started a page for book rental @dalalmawad

If you are in Lebanon, there’s an amazing mom who created a page for you to rent books for your children at a good price due to the economical situation in Lebanon. This is such a wonderful idea all kids deserve the chance to read @missfarahtutuorials

Due to the hard situation we’re going through in Lebanon, a mother got this great idea to rent stories for your little ones and enjoy reading them together @heartfelfaccessories

Due to the economical crisis, books became so expensive and lots of mamas cant afford to buy new ones of their little ones anymore, therefore this beautiful mama got the idea to rent books at very affordable prices @mytrendyroom

Follow this page and rent books for your children @mommywantstoknow

Such a great concept! Give this super mom a follow and support her small business with a great cause @chocenbouchelb

Follow this page. It’s too expensive to buy a book these days. What better way than to….rent! @memories.inked

Moms all over Lebanon, please follow this beautiful page! Support the sweet lady behind it and educate your kids to read more @larabaakliny_ketoexpert

Great idea for books lovers, let your kids keep dreaming @lunetmiel

Check this amazing page. A great initiative from a Lebanese mom in the hardest times in Lebanon. You can now rent books for your kids for a very very low price. @dentelledumoi.lb

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